Make Gift Giving Hassle Free This Holiday Season

Brightly Boxed originally started as a side project for the Holidays in 2020 and was called Local Provisions. I had so much fun with it and wanted to keep it going. 

Foodie gift box

Making gift boxes became near impossible when I moved back to NYC after things started opening up again after Covid. My mom was helping me make gift boxes while I was out of the country (thanks mom!) or I would travel back and forth. This wasn't going to be sustainable so I needed to pivot in order to continue long term. 

I started working on a tech idea in 2021 and joined an Accelerator Program so I could get help bringing my idea to life. This is where I met my CTO, Susahosh. As a non-technical founder I had no idea how to do it on my own! At the beginning of 2022 Susahosh and his team of developers started coding the initial Brightly Boxed MVP.

There were bugs and a few pivots along the way but we're thrilled to announce that the first version of the Brightly Boxed Chrome extension is officially live in the Google Chrome store!

So, what the heck is a Chrome extension and why do I need it? 

A Chrome extension is a desktop app that’s installed on a Google Chrome browser. It’s compatible on a computer or laptop. It sadly doesn’t work on a phone or tablet. BUT hopefully in the future we can create a version of Brightly Boxed that works on a mobile device. 


What does the Brightly Boxed Chrome extension do?

If you’re guilty of missing people’s birthdays or shopping for gifts at the last minute then Brightly Boxed is for you!  

Forgetting a birthday and buying a gift last minute

By adding Brightly Boxed to your Google Chrome browser we will send you important date reminders, like birthdays and holidays, so you never forget to send a gift again. 

Get gift reminders so you never forget to buy a gift for a birthday or holiday


The other key feature is that you can connect with your loved ones and see their wish lists to take all the guesswork out of the gift buying process.

Gift wish list for birthday or holiday

Our goal with Brightly Boxed is to make gifting easier. Forgetting important events like birthdays and sending gifts late is a problem most people can relate to so it’s why we set out to solve this problem.

Testing this version and getting feedback before making anymore iterations is crucial for success. Over the next few months we’ll be focused on finding product market fit and listening to our users’ feedback. 

We'd love to have you try it out! Plus it comes just in time for the Holiday season! If you want an easy way to keep on top of your Holiday shopping download Brightly Boxed today