About Us

In October 2020 I convinced my sister to help me work on a project called Local Provisions to support small businesses during the Holidays that were affected by the pandemic. We partnered with some of the best local businesses and curated themed gift boxes for the Holiday season.

We worked with many wonderful small businesses and partners over the course of this endeavor and had great response from our customers. Seeing people’s faces light up when they got their gift truly made my day. This led me to start brainstorming how I could grow the business and expand to new areas. I wanted to find a way that would make gifting from small businesses seamless and that’s how the idea for Brightly Boxed was born.

I’m developing a tech platform that will send you gift reminders, let you collect your loved ones' wish lists and eventually match make the perfect gifts with the recipient you’re shopping for based on their interests. 

What started as a small gift box business for the Holiday season is turning into a new and exciting tech platform! Version 1 of this new venture is available now and I’d love for you to test it out. You can download our Chrome extension in the Google Chrome store today!     

Reach out at any time if you have questions!


Thank you,


Founder of Brightly Boxed